Meet Molly
Hi…my name is Molly the Talking Dog  and I'm a 5 year old, female Labrador/Ridgeback mix born on Halloween 2007. I weigh 75 lbs (unless my owner gives me too many treats) and stand about 22" tall.  I love the color of my coat…I call it a rich butterscotch color with a curling tail and lovable demeanor.  I do lack the "ridge" on my back,  but was given a quick learning ability and intelligence the Labrador retriever and the strong look of a ridgeback.  All 6 lbs of me was giving to my owner as a Christmas gift on December 23rd, 2007 -  all wrapped up in  red and green bow. My owner looked at me and I could see him say "yikes"….now what?  But after many years of loving, it's been an amazing friendship and bond that will last forever.